• We ask that gnetlemen wear long-sleeved shirts, no open-toed shoes and no sportswear whilst dining at Wiltons.
• Smoking is against the law whilst inside the premises; although take away cigars are available at competitive prices. You can also use or purchase our electronic cigars inside the dining room.
• Out of respect for all guests, the use of mobile phones or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited.*
• Cancellation charges will be applicable to parties of 6 or more in the restaurant.
• Cancellation charges are applicable to all Jimmy Marks Room bookings.
• All possible measures are taken to ensure that Wiltons is a secure facility. However Wiltons cannot assume any responsibility for items lost whilst left in the cloak room or within the restaurant itself.

* For guests who have hired the Jimmy Marks Room the use of mobile phones and computers is at the discretion of the client.