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About Jimmy Marks

The Jimmy Marks Room is named after arguably London’s best restaurant manager-cum-oyster purveyor of his day. Mr Marks or “Mine Host”, as he is fondly remembered, always furnished his patrons with quality. During the war years, when others in London found it difficult to procure even the most simple of foods, Mr Marks still had the ability to surprise his clients with exceptional ingredients.

“Mine Host” never stopped working: in 1976 he was planning his 90th birthday party, to be attended by Danny Kaye and other luminaries. As the day drew nearer however, Marks sadly faded.

The Jimmy Marks Room stands for exquisite food, superb service and as a fond memory as a man who helped to shape the Wiltons of today.

Jimmy Marks 1886 – 1976

“Mine Host” at Wiltons 1942 – 1976