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Loch Ryan natives
½ doz 27.00

Colchester Natives
½ doz 30.00

Jersey Rocks
½ doz 14.50

Oyster Selection
½ doz 24.50


½ doz 16.50

½ doz 16.50

Beau Brummell
½ doz 16.50

Crustacea & Molluscs

Native lobster cocktail 35.00

Cold or warm potted shrimps 14.00

Scallops meunière 23.00

Scottish langoustine Cold or meunière 34.00

Dressed crab 19.00 / 28.50

Prawn cocktail 16.50

Devonshire crab and avocado pear 16.00


Served with buckwheat blinis and sour cream


30g 40.00 50g 67.50

125g 165.00

Royal Belgian Oscietra

30g 52.00 50g 86.00

125g 210.00


30g 160.00 50g 268.00

125g 660.00


Jerusalem artichoke, mushroom tortellino and Winter truffle 8.50

Lobster bisque 14.00

Hot or cold beef consommé 10.00


Twice baked Cropwell Bishop Stilton soufflé 16.00

Goat's cheese, beetroot and walnuts 12.50

Norcia Black truffle risotto 16.00

Marinated salmon, dill and mustard sauce 19.00

Cured Chalk Stream trout, caviar, avocado and nasturtium leaves 16.00

Seafood salad 46.00

Steak tartare 14.00/30.00

Terrine of duck foie gras, apple and Sauterne jelly 19.00


Dover sole Grilled - Meunière 48.00

Lemon sole 'a la Grenoboise' 25.00

Goujons, tartare sauce 27.00 / 48.00

Meat & Grills

Carving trolley of the day 25.00

Lamb cutlets, mint jelly 32.00

Rose County beef fillet 36.00

Lamb kidneys and bacon 18.00

Mixed grill 28.00
Beef fillet, lamb cutlet, lamb kidney,
black pudding, bacon and sausage


Lincolnshire Eel 18.00

Hansen & Lydersen salmon 17.50/35.00
London smoked Faroe Island sustainable salmon with a sweet beech wood and juniper taste

King’s wild Scottish salmon 28.00/42.00
A light modern touch that brings a round and sweet flavour with a hint of oak smoked


Halibut Grilled – Poached 32.00

Wild turbot on the bone Grilled – Poached 49.00

Native lobster Grilled – Newburg – Thermidor – Cold 60.00

Wild sea bass, rainbow chard and mussel velouté 32.00


Rhug Estate fallow deer, sprout tops and spiced butternut squash 32.00

Red leg partridge with quince and parsnip 19.50


Lobster and crab 31.00

Caviar 45.00

Smoked salmon and chives 17.50


French beans 4.75
Leaf spinach 5.00
Glazed carrots 4.75
Cauliflower cheese 5.00
Braised red cabbage 4.75
Celeriac puree 5.00
Honey piccolo parsnip 4.75

Potatoes: fried , creamed or boiled 4.50
Gratin Dauphinois 6.00
Truffle pomme puree 8.00


Swiss chard and Stitcheton spelt risotto 12.00/16.00

Leek and Caroll's Heritage potato crumble 16.50


Pickled cucumber 4.00
Endive, mustard and walnuts 4.50
Mixed salad 4.75
Green leaf 4.75
Rocket and Parmesan 6.00


Bread and butter pudding,
vanilla custard 10.00

Granny Smith Apple crumble tart,
vanilla ice cream 10.00

Amedei chocolate fondant,
salted caramel ice cream 12.00

Fresh fruit salad 10.00

Walnut, coffee and chocolate parfait 10.00

Pear and hazelnut tart, ginger ice cream 12.00

Apricot soufflé with cinnamon ice cream 12.00

Ice Creams & Sorbets

Ice creams 8.50
Vanilla, ginger, salted caramel or chocolate

Sorbets 8.50
Lime, raspberry, Granny Smith apple,
mango or passion fruit

Cheese and Savouries

Selection of British farmhouse cheese 14.00

Soft herring's roe on toast 13.50

Scotch woodcock 12.75

Welsh rarebit 11.00

Angels on horseback 15.00

Field mushrooms on toast 11.00

Anchovies on toast 11.00

Tea & Coffee

Filter coffee 3.50
Espresso 3.75
Double espresso 4.25
Cappuccino 4.25

Fresh mint 4.50

Postcard Teas 4.50
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Lapsang Souchong, Garam Assam Chai
Green Tea, Camomile, Peppermint, Lemon Verbena

Selection of petit fours 8.50

Sample menu only
Prices are in Pounds Sterling and include 20% VAT

Dress Code
While gentlemen are welcome to wear a jacket and tie they are not required to.
We would ask that no trainers, open toed shoes, sportswear or short sleeve shirts are worn.